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The Best Bali Shopping Malls You Must Be Visit

A part from the natural wonders, this island also attracts people with fascinating and irresistible buys. As a resort island destination, shopping in Bali will take you to a treasure trove of fine art and handicrafts, antique and semi-antique furniture, paintings, delicately carved jewellery, wood and stone carvings, masks, woven and dyed fabrics. Street shopping is enormous fun where a lot of bargaining takes place.Continue reading

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With its iconic landscape of terraced rice paddies, lush, monkey-filled rainforests and awe-inspiring temples, a unique health-orientated gastronomic scene and a rich sense of traditional and culture, Ubud is one hotspot in Bali that you don’t want to miss. Here is a guide on what to do, places to see, where to eat and stay when visiting Ubud!

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